Critical Acclaim

Mar. 27, 2018

"Rauschenfels’ portrayal was musically engaging, emotionally direct, and worthy of the stage... Rauschenfels’ ability to express three emotions during one held note was staggering... Her ability to turn notation on a page into fully realized human emotion was a feat of the imagination."

~ Cleveland Classical

Nov. 21, 2014

"Soprano Malina Rauschenfels’s recitative was nicely executed and her enunciation impeccable."

~ Cleveland Classical

Oct. 17, 2014

"Back in the organ loft, the three musicians collaborated in a winning performance that boasted such striking effects as violin pizzicatos in the final aria.  Rauschenfels sang it boldly and stylishly in happy collaboration with Lekx and Maust."

~ Cleveland Classical


Oct. 3, 2014

"Malina Rauschenfels was the stunningly expressive vocalist in all three cantatas. In all three vocal pieces, Rauschenfels sang from memory, allowing her the freedom to move off the stage and into the audience, to accompany the extravagance of the scores with dramatic gestures, and, most importantly, to deliver the vocal lines with utter conviction in their rhetorical excess."

~ Cleveland Classical


July 23, 2014

" bottom line is this: do not miss soprano Marina Rauschenfels’ searing emotional portrayals of some of Purcell’s finest music. Together with the superb musicianship of the three instrumentalists, Burning River Baroque left an indelible imprint on my psyche. Rauschenfels’ multidimensional communication—remarkable singing, but also physically engaged acting—brought out every nuance of this sensitive musical language in “Desperation & Desire.” Rauschenfels’ remarkable instrument has powerful clarion tones and crisp articulation. Many singers are also good actors, but she unites both in one compelling and flexible entity. Again, Rauschenfels was spellbinding, and left the audience gasping and murmuring its approval."

~ Boston Musical Intelligencer


June 1, 2014

"In Porpora’s Destatevi, destatevi o pastori, Malina Rauschenfels entered strikingly from the back of the nave and sang the complaints of the shepherd Silvio from memory with expressive gestures and clarion tones."

~ Cleveland Classical


Sept. 27, 2013

"It was a rare treat this weekend to hear some of the best of them grippingly performed by the dramatic soprano Malina Rauschenfels. Often singing without score, she performed the rapidly varying moods of these songs with commanding gestures, both musical and physical."

~ Cleveland Classical


March 21, 2013

"Her exceptional vocal range, strong acting abilities and coquettish whimsy made for an excellent performance."

~ Cleveland Classical